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Our products and services are geared for the needs of entrepreneurs, institutions, organisations and private investors who intend to purchase buildings and/or perform engineering, construction and assembly works.

Within the scope of our activity we offer comprehensive layout and engineering design services for future investments. We design industrial as well as general use buildings, tailor made one off and specialist structures.

Engineering and constructions services form the second branch of our services. Our highly qualified crews manufacture and assemble steel structures to a high standard. Steel elements which we produce are manufactured as frameworks for halls, Dutch sheds, walkways, bridges and other independent structures as well as small elements constituting part of a bigger unit, such as: foundation anchors, overhead crane beams, fitness and sports stands.


We specialise in the design and construction of steel buildings using light and cheapest truss based solutions (the LIGHT Konspekt © system), which include a highly specialised section comprising of truss based buildings adapted to accommodate overhead cranes ( CRANE Konspekt © technology). Within the scope of this line of products we would be happy to provide comprehensive designs and engineering services for the planned investment.

For specialist and one off needs we have put together the INDUSTRIAL Konspekt © line of products within the scope of which we  design and execute tailor made structures such as: service platforms, walkways, trestles, landings, stairwells and communication routes, acoustic screens as well as others.

In catering for the market needs associated with less expensive structures as well as needs of farmers  we have introduced the  ROOF Konspekt © system, which is based on an underlying principle that our company supplies the steel roofing structure with the other works being performed by the investor. The ROOF Konspekt © system is also aimed at construction companies seeking subcontractors for the execution of their investments.

Furthermore, due to our long term cooperation with renowned architectural studios with their own, original visual concepts, we are able to provide non standard, attractive designs for exceptional quality structures  (HIGH STANDARD Konspekt ©). Our designs include car showrooms, office blocks, surgeries, homes and residencies.

Our extensive experience allows us to look after the entire investment in the role of a General Contractor.

The amalgamation of a design studio and a construction company allows us to provide comprehensive service investments. An additional benefit is the fact that we strive to achieve the highest financial efficiency for our designs (without excessive re-engineering). The services which we provide allow us to execute investments as a subcontractor based on the “design and build” principle.