Hall with an overhead crane 13m

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Width: 13m
Overhead crane under hook clearance: to be determined with the investor
Overhead crane : to be determined with the investor

Flooring: cobblestone / concrete flooring / reinforced concrete flooring
Light cladding: trapezoidal sheet metal / composite wall panel with styrofoam core / PU foam / mineral wool
Lighting: parallel to ridge, width 2.4 m providing lighting compliant with the regulations as in force at present
Access doors and gates: according to investors specification

Use designation: warehouse, production


The unit is adapted for use with a top running overhead crane. The primary parameter characteristic to this structure is the distance between the overhead crane rail heads of 13 m. The dimensions of the basic structural elements permit the entry of a lorry with a trailer into the hall for loading or unloading. The building is a relatively slim narrow solution intended for discrete manufacturing and the manufacture of small elements.