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LIGHT Konspekt © – a system of light and cheap steel  buildings using truss based solutions for the main structural elements such as girders, purlins and columns. The system comprises of a set of ready solutions suitable for various uses.

Our system was created in 2003, is being continuously improved in order to stand up to the most rigorous demands placed on it by our customers. Our experience shows that we offer tried and tested technology.

The main advantage of our system is a significant reduction to the weight of the entire structure (as compared to standard solutions) and the resulting reduction in investment expenditures. Well designed solutions allow for a reduction in the demand for steel at the constructions stage by up to 30 – 50 % with a simultaneous improvements in rigidity and safety during structure assembly and sue.

The use of truss based solutions for the main structural elements, furnishes the construction with a visible lightness. Natural sunlight from skylights is not obstructed by the relatively slim truss frame profiles.

Truss roof girders have always been used to roof large surfaces without the need to use intermediary supports in the form of columns or walls. The LIGHTKonspekt © system allows to put up roofing spanning 40 – 50 m without the use of intermediate columns and with a favourable relation of span to structure price.

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