12 m span

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Modular hall 12m

Width: 12m
Length: Any length of modular 6m (12m, 18m, 24m, 30m …)
Clear height: 4.5m or 6,0m

Flooring: cobblestone / concrete flooring / reinforced concrete flooring
Light cladding: trapezoidal sheet metal / composite wall panel with styrofoam core / PU foam / mineral wool
Lighting: parallel to ridge, width 2.4 m providing lighting compliant with the regulations as in force at present
Access doors and gates: according to investors specification

Use designation: warehouse, production, garage, agricultural facility


Modular hall, width 12 m between column axes. This is a versatile light and chap building. The unit will be excellent as a production hall where the maintenance of stable parameters for working conditions will guarantee efficiency of the workforce and protect the equipment. The hall may also constitute an independent of additional warehousing space and in particular in situations where the investor only has a limited size plot. Our building may also be used as a garage and workshop for valuable vehicles protecting them against the effects of the elements and facilitating periodic overhauls.  Our units are also used by farmers to store valuable crops.