10 m span

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Modular hall 10m

Width: 10m
Any length of modular 6m (12m, 18m, 24m, 30m …)
Clear height: 4.5m or 6,0m

Flooring: cobblestone / concrete flooring / reinforced concrete flooring
Light cladding: trapezoidal sheet metal / composite wall panel with styrofoam core / PU foam / mineral wool
Lighting: parallel to ridge, width 2.4 m providing lighting compliant with the regulations as in force at present
Access doors and gates: according to investors specification

Use designation: warehouse, production, garage, agricultural facility


Light and cheap modular hall, width 10 m between column axes. Not a very large but functional unit for smaller investors or as an addition to larger production / warehousing spaces. The building may also be used as a garage for equipment and machines requiring storage shielded from the elements. This unit may also be sued for agricultural production