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ROOF Konspekt © – a steel roofing system suitable for covering large span brickwork or reinforced concrete structures using a system of steel roof girders. Our system is based on the assumption that the investor executes the brickwork structure within their own scope which allows for the assembly of roof girders and then our company delivers and possibly assembles a complete steel roof covering.

The ROOF Konspekt © system uses light Z-section purlins or timber purlins which significantly reduce the investment expenditure. An additional simplification is a simple construction due to which the investor does not require a highly qualified crew and it is possible to complete almost all the works in house.

 ROOF Konspekt © system may also be sued for covering existing structures (being refurbished or modernised) where there is a need to replace the structural load bearing elements of the roof.

Our roofs which use steel girder trusses are excellent as a framework for covering industrial production units, amenities buildings, agricultural units as well as many others.

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