20m steel roof

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Width: 20m2011
Modular girder layout: 5m
“Z-section” or timber purlins

Roof girders up to very large spans!

Within the scope of our offer we sell steel roof girders allowing for the covering of a brickwork or reinforced concrete (traditional) building. The girders which we offer can be purchased with or without assembly.

The product on offer allows to put up a roof covering over practically any already standing structure, such as:
– a amenities building
– an office building
– public use building.
– auxiliary farm building (barn, piggery, cowshed, hen house, agricultural machine garage)
– industrial use building
– brick wall buildings

The presented product constitutes a complete element with the possibility of independent assembly. Additional elements avail be with the system: head walls, braces, stays.

Due to the simple construction of individual girders and the entire system, our steel roofs are ideal for self-assembly.

Put up your roof by yourself!