hall 9 x 11 m

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Width: 9m
Length: 11m
Clear height: 4.5m4

Flooring: cobblestone / concrete flooring / reinforced concrete flooring
Light cladding: trapezoidal sheet metal / composite wall panel with styrofoam core / PU foam / mineral wool
Lighting: parallel to ridge, width 2.4 m providing lighting compliant with the regulations as in force at present
Access doors and gates: according to investors specification

Intended use: car workshop, garage, small warehouse, technical facilities or machine shop


The smallest of the buildings on offer. Excellent as a building for a car workshop (designed with that use in mind). Due to its versatility it may also be used as a garage for vehicles such as: PLG vehicles and vans, diggers, agricultural tractors and the like. Due to the “compact” size it may also be used as an additional storage facility by larger units or as auxiliary facilities in production plants.